Yoga Classes

Every weekday evening and most mornings, Kambe House hosts yoga classes in its beautiful and peaceful meeting room. Please find details of classes and teachers below.

If you are a Yoga or Pilates teacher and would like to start teaching at Kambe House, please complete this form and we will get back in touch if a suitable space becomes available.

Time Class Tutor Price Contact
Monday 6:00pm - 7:00pm Hatha Flow Lizzie Packham £8 / Move GB
Tuesday 7:15pm - 8:15pm Power Yoga Lawrence Hassan £6
Wednesday 6:00pm - 7:00pm Vinyasa Inspired Flow Yoga Fay-Anne Trezise £12 / £10 conc. / Move GB
Thursday 6:00pm - 7:00pm Vinyasa Flow Becky Boucherat £7 / Move GB

Vinyasa Flow

Thursday - 6:00pm - 7:00pm

Yoga with Boosh offers Vinyasa in a style that is flowing, exploratory and nurturing; be welcomed into a practice that builds heat and strength in the body, while also allowing you to listen to your own body’s needs with self-compassion. Open to all levels of experience; poses will be offered with modifications to suit beginners through to more experienced yogis.

Vinyasa Inspired Flow Yoga

Wednesday - 6:00pm - 7:00pm

This Tradition is rooted in ‘Tantric Philosophy’ and is a ‘Deeply Dynamic Dance Flow’. This Vinyasa will encourage healing of the body, spirit, and mind; Transcending into our light of peace and awakened presence, helping us to become clear and align ourselves to our highest potential.

Power Yoga

Tuesday - 7:15pm - 8:15pm

This practice promotes freedom of movement without any particular commitment to a yoga style.

Rooting the essence of his teaching in traditional postures​, he explores the boundaries of what constitutes a yoga practice by integrating any intelligent, functional movement that he’s encountered through teachers and travel, ranging anywhere from weight training to tai chi.

The philosophies behind his classes are encouraging, ‘keep it simple, keep it useful, the basic yoga postures are more than enough to keep the body strong, flexible and functional, anything beyond that should be for fun!’

Drawing inspiration from different disciplines, expect, creative, fun and challenging sequences that structures itself around traditional postures, but explores movement beyond your usual yoga practice.

Hatha Flow

Monday - 6:00pm - 7:00pm

A strong and steady-flowing class that incorporates dynamic movement and relaxation to create a holistic and sustainable practice.

We will connect breath and movement to find freedom in the body and to still the mind.   There will be a focus on safe alignment and technique to help us find balance and stability.

This class is suitable for all levels of yoga experience, including complete beginners and those with more experience.  Beginners will receive modifications and those with more experience will have the opportunity to go deeper.

Expect to feel lighter, relaxed and rejuvenated.

Becky Boucherat

Becky studied with Caroline Layzell at Serenity Yoga Lembongan (RYS200) and was given an incredible foundation on which to continue her ongoing learning both as a yoga teacher and student – always learning and curious.

Michelle Toll

Michelle’s love for yoga and all things acro has been an exciting journey of community, fun, wisdom, challenge, creativity and trust.

Inspired by a passion for acroyoga she spent 2 months with Yoga Beyond in Bali training Vinyasa Flow and ACROVINYASA Level 1+2. Her vinyasa classes follow a sequence with steady flow, connecting movement with breath.

Her ACROVINYASA practice focuses on the consistency of yoga within acroyoga, moving with breath when taking asanas from earth to air. Gracefully moving with focus, precision and flow.

Within her personal yoga practice Michelle loves to nurture combining yin and yang elements day to day. Her love for acroyoga, inversions and arm balances is balanced with thai massage, yin and mindfulness.

Fay-Anne Trezise

Yoga Dance Flow

Dance Yoga Fow is inspired by my life’s training as a contemporary dancer, chroegrapher and Yogini. The Yoga Asana sequencing explores creating awareness and equanimity in the body. The philosophy is rooted in the tantric tradition, exploring intention, innate wisdom and oneness.

We explore how to move based around Release Technique from dance training and Laban’s Choreutics (which brings awareness into how to move the body efficiently through space).

The phrasing is varied with options for more advanced students, It is a times flowing and also static depending on the intention that week.

Class benefits (as told by students)

  • Energy, Depth, Breath, Positivity, Mindfullness, Achievement, Community, Strength (mentally/physically), Love,
  • Peace, Peace,Peace,
  • Always leave with smile on my face,
  • Euphoria, Accomplishment, Reset, Relaxation, Heath, Wellbeing, Contentment, Feeling good in my body, Flexibility, Happiness.
We have come into this exquisite world to experience ever and ever more deeply our divine courage, freedom and light!


Tom Crews

I have been teaching in Bristol for more than 3 years and teach a range of styles from more traditional Hatha through Vinyasa Flow and incorporating some Yin poses and meditation. To me yoga is about the feeling that you get from nourishing your body, mind and soul  on the yoga mat, and not about pushing ourselves to be the best and bend into outrageous shapes! Yoga is hugely supportive in times of high stress and anxiety, and it is an ever giving practice which anyone can access regardless of age, body type or athletic ability. My classes are open, honest, accessible, can be challenging but ultimately about providing support and developing self acceptance and awareness.

Lawrence Hassan

Yoga is a tool I’ve kept close ever since my first class around the age of 15.

Persuaded by my father and uncle, I found myself on a mat in a dusty room in the corner of a building site near the dock of Cardiff Bay, nervous, intrigued, yet horrified at the realisation that I was trapped here for hour and half, I pressed on.

Sweat dripped, muscles ached and dust swirled, 90 minutes went by and honestly, the yoga epiphany didn’t hit, but sound advice led me to trust in the process, so began my practice.

​Years later when the class tally started to add up I began to notice a shift, my body started to respond, muscles softened but strengthened, focus sharpened, habits dwindled, shoulders became lighter, anxieties eased and my steps a little surer, we understood each other now, my body, the practice and my place within it all.I wanted to explore further so embarked on a yoga foundation course in London.

​It quickly became apparent that behind the fancy poses was a philosophy that had started to germinate from that very first class and was now firmly establishing its roots.

​After a year of solo travel and a LOT more practice I took up a 2 year training with the British Wheel of Yoga. 5 years, 3 continents and countless teachers later I find myself as passionate, confused and astounded at the practice as ever.


Yoga is fundamentally a practice of presence. Posture practice has many additional benefits some of these include strengthening the muscles while simultaneously lengthening them, increasing the potency of breath and improving organ function leading to greater all round health.

There are 1000’s of special unfamiliar words used in yoga, one is Prana. Prana is the word used by yogi’s to refer to the energy which powers everything, within you it could be referred to as your life force. Any movement practice will encourage & stimulate this flow of life energy, the body loves movement. Yoga is to me the richest, most sustainable and varied movement practice I know of. To practice is to be closer to the direct lineage of 1,000’s of years of wisdom & experiential self discovery.

The method of how I practice is based on what i consider to be the most beneficial teachings from; Iyengar, Hatha, Vinyasa & Dynamic Yoga (Godfrey Devereaux), Buddhist meditation, dance and improvisation.

  • Alleviate pain
  • harmonize and calm the mind
  • Build strength & balance
  • stabilize the joints
  • improve posture

Lizzie Packham

Lizzie fell in love with Yoga during her time at University, and has been hooked ever since.   The practice has been transformational in so many ways, and this is the main inspiration for her teaching.

Lizzie has worked at Bristol City Yoga since 2012 and is currently the studio manager – absorbing as much as possible from the teachers, students and therapists.

Lizzie completed her Yoga Alliance certified 200-hour training with Laura Gilmore and is currently studying for her 500-hour certification, also with Laura Gilmore.

Her teaching is lighthearted, fun and inclusive, whilst remaining rooted in the ancient Yoga tradition.